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DesignMe is a company specializing in the design of household linen, everything relating to bedding. bathroom linen, living room linen and kitchen linen. We create our matching sets at the customer’s request, making all our matching sets unique.
The founder of Designmebydell, Daniella Wells Moussavou lives in Houston, Texas, where she is pursuing her studies in the health field in search of a doctorate in dentistry. A lover of solidarity and mutual aid, she offers her nursing assistant services to the elderly in retirement homes and works as a dental assistant in a dental office in Houston . Her adaptability, generosity, rigor and sense of organization make her a born leader. Indeed, she discovered a passion for entrepreneurship from a young age but suffered many setbacks for lack of support and professional tools. It therefore sets itself the objective of creating a platform of tools and professional support called Dellplace-Entreprise for any entrepreneur wishing to easily and efficiently achieve their objectives with the support of a qualified and professional team. Her creativity and her love for things well done pushes her to create Designmebydell which is the first business branch of the Dellplace-company group. Designme has the particularity of adapting to the creativity of the client with a concept that wants to be different. Let’s BeYou and BeUnique with Designmebydell.
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